Illumination Foundation

If you have the power to be the light to someone’s life, be it. The world needs more of that.


At the heart of the IlluMMination Foundation lies a belief that every child in South Africa deserves a fair chance at success. Founded on the promise of friendship and driven by a shared vision of empowerment, we stand as a beacon of hope and opportunity. Through our varied projects and community initiatives, we mobilise resources to offer the tools, facilities, and support necessary for our future leaders to reach and sustain their full potential.


Inclusion, collaboration, and transparency are not just values; they’re the pillars upon which our foundation stands. We embrace the power of community, recognising that it takes a collective effort to create environments that nurture success. Through engaging with donors, volunteers, and stakeholders, we foster a culture of skill sharing and co-creation, all aimed at uplifting the youth of South Africa and inspiring a future filled with hope and opportunity.
Our initiatives, from the vibrant pitches of football clinics to the joyful corridors of hospitals through Project Aurora, are designed to create a ripple effect. This domino effect ensures the light and change we provide extend beyond the individual, touching families, communities, and ultimately the nation. By empowering one child, we set off a cascade of empowerment, as each life we touch goes on to influence others. It’s a belief that underpins our mission and drives our actions – the conviction that small acts of kindness and support can trigger waves of lasting impact.


Our journey is fuelled by the generous support of our founder, Muako Maepa, passionate donors, and visionary partners. The proceeds from Muako’s cookbook, “Tell Me What You Eat and I’ll Tell You Who You Are,” alongside contributions from individuals and corporations, provide the foundation for our mission. Together, we are building pathways to success for South Africa’s youth, one project at a time.

Muako Maepa



From the vibrant streets of Johannesburg to the heart of South Africa’s youth empowerment movement, Muako Maepa’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. As a teenager with a profound sense of purpose, Muako embarked on a mission to make a difference. His passion for service and empowerment was ignited early, leading to the creation of the IlluMMination Foundation—a testament to his vision for a country where every child has the opportunity to shine.

Muako’s dedication is mirrored in his personal achievements. A talented athlete and a culinary enthusiast, he authored “Tell Me What You Eat and I’ll Tell You Who You Are” at just 15, channelling the proceeds to fuel his philanthropic dreams.
Today, he continues to spearhead the Santino Movement, a pivotal part of the Foundation aimed at harnessing the power of football to uplift, educate, and inspire. Muako’s leadership exemplifies the essence of youthful innovation and the impact of turning dreams into actionable change.
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