Illumination Foundation


By combining the names of Santino and Muako, the SANTUAKO MOVEMENT FOOTBALL CLINICS were established. We plan to host 4 clinics a year, which scouts boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17 from different socio-economic backgrounds to immerse them in a world-class 1-day training camp under the supervision of Zen Gowar, a UEFA certified development coach, head of Steyn City School Football, and Founder of the Goldcity Royals.


The football clinics will develop further as we embark on establishing the SATUAKO MOVEMENT FOOTBALL ACADEMY, a fully-fledged training facility that will provide students with football skills development, nutrition, life-skills training and education on football administration. The academy will also introduce a scholarship programme that will provide the students with the opportunity to get drafted into football development infrastructures in and around Europe and the United States of America.
By promoting the development of football in our communities, we strive to empower the youth and elevate them out of challenging circumstance, teach them how to accept differences, and build valuable skills that lay the foundation for a positive society. Not only is football a direct way of connecting with people, but it promotes unity and humility. Qualities that cement an individuals ability to harness their full potential so that they can fulfil their destiny. It’s this dynamic of football that lends itself ideally to the ethos of the The IlluMMination Foundation and serves as a fundamental cornerstone for the Santuako Movement Football Clinics. A stepping stone towards a much larger and more consistent picture that forms part of football development in our country.


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